The Munster’s New Home?

This odd-colored building in Tivoli Village always reminds me of watching The Munsters as a kid in the 60s. Isn’t the human mind weird! Or, has my mind finally gone over the edge? It’s a long way down man… 😂💀

8 thoughts on “The Munster’s New Home?

  1. That show was a lot of fun. I’m in Canada and we have great programming from the States and Canada. We watch on a lot of different streaming formats. I have a difference of opinion with my fellow Canadian who commented here about the news………but each to his own! Have a great day John

    • I’m just being weird, Anneli! I never missed an episode of them back in the day. Butch Patrick is still around, I think the rest of the cast have passed on.

              • Basically, yes. We watch Fox a lot, but they make us pay extra to get it. Our national news is like CNN. Very slanted and “owned” by the Liberal party. I don’t mind listening to both sides of an issue, but the reporting on Canadian news is not unbiased and that annoys me. I just want the facts and then I’d like to make up my own mind. Apparently that’s asking too much. They have to put their twist on it before presenting the news. There are no other options here – except shutting it off, which is what I end up doing.

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