18 thoughts on “Blue And Gray

  1. I agree with everyone else. I agree it’s a Hallmark holiday but it still makes some people feel bad. That’s why we have each other on here!

    • Awww that’s wonderful, thanks! I very rarely visit an actuall Hallmark store even though I know where one is!

    • I think the worst times for some people is the Christmas season. Fortunately, I can fly home to Michigan to be with family at that time.

    • Hi Anneli, thank you! And to you as well. I was just chatting with my dad and sister in Florida, happy valentines day! Maybe next year will be different.

        • It’s so good to talk with my family, the choice to stay in Las Vegas after the D was well thought out, a solid choice. Moving home to Michigan would be better for seeing the family more often of course, but I wouldn’t be happy there because of the climate. It’s tough being far from my son and daughter, but they are adults and have their own lives. Even my dad said I wouldn’t be happy in Michigan because of the weather, and I’m only 61! ☺️

          • You’re so right about kids having their own lives when they’re grown up. They love you but they’re busy with their own day to day things. You just have to make yourself happy, and keep in touch by phone or email or however you prefer. A visit now and then is good too, but you’re smart to live where you want to live.

  2. Catsandcoffee said it best, John. Consider this one of those penny Valentines that we used to give out in grade school: Be my Valentine? We understand this is not a fun day for you…

    • Thanks, that’s the main entrance to the Marriott hotel on Rampart Boulevard. I was on the bike, wanted to get these photos for a while now.

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