13 thoughts on “Good Sunny Morning

    • Thanks so much, Anneli! The wind is blasting around my house now, I can hear it passing over the chimney too. Just another windstorm!

        • You betcha, this house was built in 1995, I’ve owned it since 2019 and it’s still rock solid. The new AC/Heating system being replaced last summer only improved the home. Equity!

            • I have zero doubt that I could sell my home for more than I paid for it right now. The same thing applies to the auto industry, used cars and trucks are currently selling at a premium because of the lack of computer chips for the new cars and trucks.

              Stupid, right? Ludicrous. I recently had my 2015 truck appraised. Two different dealerships offered me $20K for the truck, but, it’s in fantastic condition since I have babied it since then. It never snows in the valley, no salt rust.

              I can’t part with the truck though… 😂

    • Thanks so much, guys! I was taking a bucket of recyclable stuff to the bin at the road (trash day today) and saw this view. Hurry, grab the Nikon!

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