Another Visit to Floyd Lamb Park

Today has been sunny and beautiful except for the damn wind hence no bike ride today. Again. So, I headed to Floyd Lamb Park since it’s been a few weeks. The only birds I saw today were a few Canadian Geese and a couple of huge flocks of Coot.

They aren’t much fun to photograph as they run away from you like a chicken with its head cut off! So, I proceeded to capture whatever I thought may look good on the blog today. I think that the best time to come back there will be when the weather warms up more significantly. Here is the first set, more to come.

I love the snow-capped mountains, always beautiful in winter

14 thoughts on “Another Visit to Floyd Lamb Park

    • Absolutely! The snow can creep down to lower elevations sometimes, in summer, most of the snow up there goes away of course.

    • Thanks, Sher, I’m guessing that the peak is Mount Charleston but it could also be Fletcher Peak. The two mountains are darn near the same altitude, just a wee but uner 12,000 feet!

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