Peaks and Palms

Seven Nikon photos from yesterday with plenty of mountain peaks and beautiful palm trees. I hope that the wind subsides enough today for me to get a few miles in on the bike. I have some new riding gloves on the way from Amazon today but they may not make it here before noon or one PM.

My hands have begun to show some windburn, they are getting red! Yesterday afternoon, I did a small redesign of the site. Most of the fonts were made larger and I added a background color that is roughly the color of sand which represents the surrounding Mojave Desert colors.

I don’t know how many of you use that damn Reader, but I hope that you visit this website directly. The Reader is handy, I’ve seen it and tried it and just don’t like it, it’s a very sterile way to visit a blog. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Hump Day!

22 thoughts on “Peaks and Palms

    • Thanks so much! 🌴 The current humidity in Las Vegas is 17% so you may not like that. I have to apply lots of lotion! But, I love the dry climate, it’s healthier for me. I see my palm trees out the bedroom window each morning…

  1. I like a new design of your blog, John!
    I use Reader all the time. I don’t know another way to see what my favorite photographers ( you are one of them) are doing.
    Beautiful images of mountains and palm trees!

  2. I like your new look! And I also agree about the reader – it’s way more fun to go directly to the sites. It is also possible to get to the sites via the reader link (as described above), which is what I always do.

  3. The formatting you describe appears if you tap the “visit” link in the lower lefthand. Otherwise, the formatting is dropped and you just get the bare minimum.

    • I just don’t know why you would be seeing the site that way. I’ll see if anyone else is seeing things that way too, thanks, Doug!

      • Background and all the “fancy stuff” work with “visit”, but click anywhere else, and the background is white, the text moves to the left, and the photo montage unstacks and reappears one at a time, each below the previous photo, and enlarged. (Incidentally, after the last improved version of WP started up, I haven’t been able to create photo montages, which I feel is a neater way of posting many photos than one after the other.)

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