Listen To The Wind

The windy video and photo are from yesterday at the park, it was really chilly and I didn’t hang around long. Should have worn the sweater under the jacket! When it’s toasty warm, there are plenty of different bird species hanging around the lovely ponds which are spring-fed by the way, hence the name Tule Springs. And of course, there are hundreds of humans too doing their picnic thing and chasing my bird photo opportunities away, dangit! Siri says it’s currently just fifty-seven degrees in Las Vegas which I find too cold to get the bike on the road because of the windchill factor. It’s small but just enough to make biking a little less pleasurable.

10 thoughts on “Listen To The Wind

  1. I heard on the US weather reports that it’s going to be quite windy in some of the southern states so maybe this is a small part of it blowing over your way.

    • I think your exactly right, Anneli, there has been a deep low pressure system north of us which has brought plenty of snow to some of the northern tier states including lower Michigan. All we get are the winds down here, I suppose the mountains are getting extra snow as seen in my recent photos. I was warmer here yesterday than in some places in Florida which is really odd. Where do you get US weather?

        • Fox News, you must have a feed from a bird in space? I guess our The Weather Channel is the same thing. I like to think of Fox News as a Conservative organisation but sometimes it’s questionable. I see very little news these days by design.

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