Scary Tunnels

On today’s ride, I found a much nicer way to get to Tivoli Village via a nice paved trail. Crossing over the wash on a steel bridge, I saw this gross sight down below. Curious as always, I found a paved ramp that took me down into this wash. The tunnels turn and disappear but there’s no bloody way that I’m going into them!

It was creepy enough being so close to them and taking the photos with the iPhone. I had the Nikon on board but didn’t bother digging it out of the bag. After I took these photos, I rode back up and out of the wash and stopped on the bridge. Two women came along who also was looking at the sickening mess below.

We agreed that the homeless are certainly using these tunnels, maybe more so during the hot summer to escape the heat. Such a terrible way to live. I also have several (redundant) photos of Tivoli Village, a few of which were taken with the Nikon. That place is super busy on the weekends! More to come.

17 thoughts on “Scary Tunnels

    • I suppose that some of them could be artists, but I see the fallen state of mankind and anger. Spray bombing like this seems like an angry act to me.

  1. Don’t go in there at night! For that matter, don’t go in there in the daytime either. Definitely some problems that need to be dealt with, but it will take some time and some will to do it.

    • Oh heck no! I was in that location for less than five minutes and high tailed it out! I have no idea where these tunnels lead, but looking up top there are no inlets in sight. Creepy. I wouldn’t want to be the city employee who has to go into these tunnels for inspections, you may be shot!

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