A Crafts Show At Tivoli Village

At the high risk of being redundant again, here are a couple of clicks from the iPhone showing how busy the village was today with a huge craft show in progress. It’s really easy to get there from my place following a route that is all paved too. It’s become mostly overcast this afternoon which prompted me to head home and racking up another thirteen miles on the bike bringing the total miles to 645. Not bad for an electric bike, eh!

17 thoughts on “A Crafts Show At Tivoli Village

  1. Yay for more miles on the bike! It’s so nice to see the craft show. I can’t wait until our weather gets nice enough so we can have events like that again. When I read the sign I thought…”Wow, isn’t that John’s Blog’s name on the sign?”

    • Nope! The crowd and the bike would be a bad mix, and I don’t carry any locking mechanisms for the bike, it’s way too expensive a bike to leave unattended. It was shoulder to shoulder inside the fenced area where the event was going on. And, not one mask in sight, our mask mandate is gone.

      • I don’t know how we are all just going to learn with this Covid thing. No rules, no nothing, the idiots won and here we had more Covid deaths this week than we ever had. I think someone forgot to tell Covid that this is over. 🥴

      • Yes, the bike would be a handicap there. I forgot about that. And of course you wouldn’t want to leave an expensive item like that, even if it is locked.

        • Right! There are some very good locking options for this bike, made for the Pedego line. But, I just can’t leave the bike by itself regardless of it being fully insured. The damn thing is so fun to ride and gives me badly needed exercise! 😂👍🏻😎

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