Another Neighborhood Stray

As chance would have it, just after waking up and making the bed (a sign of a sick mind), I opened my plantation shutter to the backyard and saw this new stray walking along the fence. The usual stray cat I see around here is a ginger and white cat, I don’t know where either of these cats actually lives but I hope that they catch and kill any Rodentia in the area. And maybe some scorpions too!

Today will see 72F in the valley, the last warmer day for a few days before rising to a forecasted 76F next week. I have seen this pattern every year and I love how the temperature begins to get into the seventies in the winter months! It’s currently 27F in my Michigan hometown this morning with a high of 43F today, that’s a heatwave compared to what they’ve had up there in recent days with highs in the teens. Happy Sunday!

18 thoughts on “Another Neighborhood Stray

  1. oh my. You’ve made comments in the past on how similar we are, but here is a big difference. Your home is a pet free zone and I seem to attract and accept what ever wanders along. What with two dogs and an official indoor cat and currently four not so stray, though I know at least one of them is pregnant. My son warned me not to get too attached to the mole the cats left on the back steps, and he was right because it didn’t make it. Like my mother I have been known to take care of and feed what ever wanders in be it bird, reptile or mammal. Your visitor is pretty though..

  2. At first time I see a cat in your blog!!!! Lovely one, I hope she has a home and she has food too. But I would like to hear that you feed her too… I don’t think that cats hunt scorpions dear John, scorpions are fatal dangerous for them too. Thank you, Love, nia

    • She is an attractive girl, but please don’t give birth here! It was 45 this morning, I’m guessing that’s much warmer than your location, Kaya. It’s currently 61 at my home.

    • I noticed how chubby the cat is, if it drops it’s pups on my property, I’ll take them to a no-kill shelter. My home is a pet-free zone… 😂

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