Among The Clouds

Here are some old photos from my trips to and from Michigan over the last five or so years to visit family. I’ve also included a video that I think is a flight departure from Michigan, not sure. Heading to the grocery store this morning, I noticed a Michigan tag on a truck so I walked over and introduced myself as a Michigan native.

It was nice to chat with someone who knows Michigan as well as I do. And a friendly person he was, too. Unfortunately, different from the many grumpy people here but being fair about it, not everyone here is a meanie! But I’ve also met so many people from Michigan who live here too. Yay Michiganders!

8 thoughts on “Among The Clouds

  1. Oh my gosh, AnneMarie! I had no idea. It’s fine to vent, speak your mind! What I perceive here is that Ottawa is much like our WashinKton. Anarchy is the way of the violent ones…

    • Happy Wednesday to you! All I know AnneMarie is that there’s an unmistakable difference between us. Even the ex from California whom lived with me up there nine years noticed the difference. A slower pace of life, and friendly folks!

          • I miss just living. I do live – at home in my own little world. And with Dan when he’s not working. But to go out and listen to people who are miserable and nasty and indignant and swearing about ‘the east’. Maybe the people down East are just happier because they are not always looking for something to be miserable about. 🙄

            • So people there complain about the East? Which one? The Canadian Maritime provinces or our stupid idiots in WashinKton!

              • Ontario and Quebec – but it is more than complaining. It is constant resentment, arrogance, intolerance, entitlement. When Covid was really bad here, Ontario took some of our worst ICU cases to take the pressure off. Weeks later, these bullies from Saskatchewan and Alberta endanger highways across the country by taking big rigs and farm equipment to Ottawa, shut down businesses there, torment people by blowing horns, blasting music, set off fireworks outside their homes. Just act like animals. (No offense to animals intended). Our politicians support these jerks and people around here think it is funny because it makes ‘Trudeau’ look bad. Like really? What does it make us look? 😢. (sorry for venting but people who aren’t from here really cannot understand.)

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