27 thoughts on “Among The Joshua’s…

  1. Looking at the mountains makes me wonder why early settlers would want to take wagons through them. They should have waited for the invention of airplanes. 😉 At least most of Australian mountains have dirt, trees, waterholes and stuff to eat for both vegans and meat eaters so they wouldn’t starve. I’m glad I was born in their future. 🙂

    • I would love to visit Australia! These mountains are just rock until they reach 5000 feet or so, then the pine trees and other vegetation take over. There are two 12,000 footers near Las Vegas, we grow them big!

      • I think that’s why some American friends think we don’t have mountains. Ours are not just rock. Our highest is only 7309.711 foots which is Mount Kosciusko. Most are climbable.

        • I see, I can see a 5000 footer looking west dowm my street, just rock! The American southwest was once a shallow sea 200 million years ago. On some of the rocks seen from a distance, you can see ancient shorelines. Se shells have been found high in our mountains!

          • I never saw the mountains behind California the whole 10 days I was there back in 2008. They were covered with smoggy haze. I wouldn’t have known they were there only that I was told they were there by my host. I remember patches of them when I was leaving California to travel to San Diago and San Juan. Most of the mountains I encountered were in Arizona. I loved Arizona more than most other places I visited.

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