Really Bad Photos

They are horrid, aren’t they! But, there’s a little story behind them. Late last night, I stepped outside because I knew that it was the police chopper buzzing around in the area. They seem to circle whatever is happening on the ground which has me hope there’s not a nutter running around nearby!

After about five minutes, the chopper finally buzzed off, it’s really loud.

The person operating the floodlight was making some very close passes to my place and eventually, the light passed over my neighbor’s home across the street. And I thought oh hell no, go away, crazy person! That was the most exciting thing that happened last night at my house! 😂🍻

It looks like there’s an alien ship up there! 💀👽

16 thoughts on “Really Bad Photos

  1. Great story photos! We often get the police helicopter buzzing around. Bit annoying at two in the morning!

    • He sure did, the chopper looks so much like a UFO, no outlines but of course it was very loud. My guess is the altitude was from 500 to 700 feet.

      • No… Probably drug dealers. Cops, undercover cops, police dog. We had company. Dan & his friend Rob stood at our fence and watched. 🤦. Michelle and I cowered in the house. 😂. We got voted most exciting visit on their trip to Saskatchewan.

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