Still Undeveloped

Two years after Bonnie Springs Ranch was razzed to the ground, there is still zero development going on there as you can see in the photos I took yesterday. Maybe that’s a good thing in the sense that a housing subdivision was supposed to be built here. At least from a distance, the area looks somewhat natural.

I did manage ten very cold miles on the bicycle today but that’s enough until next Monday when the temperature is supposed to hit 70 and higher next week.

On that note, it’s a bit amazing to me how many drivers are courteous toward we bikers, then there’s that element that doesn’t give a shit about the safety of bikers and proceed to cut you off very close. Those asswipes get the magic finger and some choice words.

9 thoughts on “Still Undeveloped

  1. We deal with bikers pretty much year round, obviously it gets worse in good weather. I try, and from what I have witnessed, other drivers try to be courteous as well. However, some of the bikers not so much. I often come up on them riding in packs, which is fine, it grants a larger safety element, but I have had them spread out in front of me so that I cannot safely pass and get out of and on my way. Yes, I know they are more vulnerable but you would think they would want cars going around and not have some drivers lurking behind growing ever more frustrated. I do look at it as there is a reason I am being held up and slowed down, but not many have that mindset.

  2. We get bikers year round here – often riding in the dark. I seldom see vehicles being careless around them (although I am sure it happens). The bike riders OMG – I have seen and experienced it all. I don’t think there are any laws here that relate to bike riders. I know that on multi-use paths, bike riders can knock down pedestrians and just keep going. It came up last summer when one of these bikers knocked down a senior, broke her arm, and just blew past.

    • I am always on high alert when riding, I have to pay the attention that the drivers of two-ton bullets won’t.

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