Pinto Beans!

I love Pinto Beans but have never made my chili with three cans, it’s usually one can and two cans of dark red kidney beans. I used a yellow onion this time, I usually use white onions. And, I picked up a new container of chili powder from a manufacturer I’ve never tried so I hope the chili is still good.

Oh, I also added ground turkey this time and omitted the tomato paste as a thickening agent, I’ll report the outcome haha! But it has six hours in the crockpot to go.

12 thoughts on “Pinto Beans!

  1. John, as the Internet’s foremost chili maker, I have no doubt it was a culinary masterpiece! (Now I’m in the mood for it. Hmm. I’ll get the makings tomorrow since I have something going for today.)

    • Two cans actually! I didn’t use the type with Habanero this time, a bit too spicy. Rotel has another type that’s less on fire!

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