Desert Road To The Wall

The road turns south eventually and heads for Blue Diamond Road which can take you back to Las Vegas, or turn right and you’ll climb to 6000 feet over the pass and head for Pahrump, Nevada. It’s 37 degrees right now, my furnace just popped on and Vegas will see around 63 degrees today which isn’t too bad I guess. Warm enough for a bike ride for a change. This blog has never been about politics in any way, but I want to say that I stand with Ukraine. Putin is the new Adolph Hitler. Pure evil that spreads like the coronavirus.

9 thoughts on “Desert Road To The Wall

  1. I’ve driven that road so many times, since my daughter’s father lived in Pahrump, when I lived in Las Vegas. It’s a nice drive, exciting at times.

    • Hi Maria, so you’ve been over the pass many a time. There’s not much in Pahrump is there… Taking Charleston Boulevard is so much better than heading south to Blue Diamond road. It’s cool that you are in Sweden, but know where my photos were taken! I hope you guys have a wonderful new week, Maria! ❤️🇸🇪

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