8 thoughts on “No Masks

  1. We still require masks here but I don’t mind. No one I know, personally, has even had so much as a head cold since we started wearing masks. I like that 🙂

    • It’s so nice to see people’s faces again! I have become so used to putting a mask on every time I go anywhere…

  2. We’re still all masked-up here John but we have more than that to worry about with Putin on the rampage. With any luck, he’ll end up behind bars. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Saw your post about belligerent people. There seems to be so much rudeness around these days. As my grandfather used to say, good manners come free.

    • Your grandfather is wise! Putin is the new Hitler, pure evil. I wonder how far this will go before many countries become involved.

  3. Yes, here too. But then again, if a store is packed with customers or there’s people coughing close by, I put one on. A low immune system doesn’t cope with people in that kind of environment.

    Is it same there as here? People are getting all kinds of bugs now that masks aren’t compulsory. I know of 8 people who have the flu, bronchitis or other contagious bugs.

    • I tend to look right at people who are hacking, yeah, I hear your sickness. Go home! I don’t know if people are getting other bugs now. Living by myself, it’s easy to avoid bugs at home…

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