Russian Vodka

As you can see in the somewhat redundant photos, I had a great 14-mile ride today in just a T-shirt. No jacket or sweater, nice! The bike ran perfectly as usual and will get its every third ride cleanup tonight when it’s done recharging. Now, about that Russian vodka: I was on the way home and came upon two older, very chubby men that were loud and boisterous.

The biggest guy was on the left and was waving his arms everywhere as he kept yapping about Russian vodka. OK, go find some, big boy! I think the man was actually Russian though based on his very sharp accent, English is not his first language. I rang the little bell as I approached the men, a courtesy I like to follow while riding so as to not scare the shit out of people as I pass.

I passed the drunken Russian to his left, and he damn near bumped into me as he waddled and wabbled along. Now here’s the pisser – He shouted at me that I am lazy because I ride an electric bike! Seriously, round boy? I thought to myself, who’s riding the bike and getting exercise and not drunk on anything?

I can understand why some folks will assume that riders of eBikes are lazy but frankly, I don’t believe that. These bikes are way way more fun to ride than a standard bicycle. I am not lazy and actually do need the assistance because of medical conditions. Something that rude people such as round boy here are incapable of understanding, especially when all sauced up on alcohol.

I’m the kind of person who very much dislikes loud, boisterous people. More so when a drunken asswipe. So, what was my response after passing them and hearing this crap being shouted at me? The middle finger on my left hand rose skyward which prompted one or both of these guys to shout even more. Stupidity begets stupidity, boys… No, I shouldn’t have flipped them off but it was so offensive!

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  1. Great shots, John. I agree with you about loud, boisterous, particularly drunk people. They are the main reason I avoid sporting events. 🙄

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