Old Tivoli Photos

I took the Tivoli Village photos a few days ago, they have been in my Process folder since, and during processing, I thought that these two photos are exceptionally good for a mobile phone. The sharpness and vibrancy of the colors seem a little better than usual. What do you think?

I hope that the images don’t degrade after being uploaded, maybe WP does a little image compression of its own? The other photo was taken with the Nikon yesterday I think. I read a blog post earlier today that was about the many online friends that she has made over the years using WordPress.

My comment spoke about the many friends I have made on WordPress over the years.

Some of which I have followed literally for years and some in different countries like the United Kingdom and Australia as well as Canada. My first blog was launched in 2010 back in Michigan and was about Michigan politics which I shut down pretty quickly. The next blog was self-hosted which is nice.

Long story short, LVPB went live in 2016 and has added so many new friends to my life and blogging experience. Here’s the question she asked: are your online friends actually friends? I have considered my blog friends as actual friends for a long time now and always will. Thanks so much for being my friends, people!

I appreciate you so much. 😎

Silver World

I really like this effect, imagine living in a world that actually looked like this. Could you handle it? Partly sunny and 77 degrees are the forecast for today which sounds great!

A Dip In The Road And Tacos!

Everyone loves a good taco, don’t they! I should check this event out coming up next month, yum. The dippy photo is a full-zoom photo looking almost due north at the end of what is called the Las Vegas Range, mostly small mountains but Gass Peak is the highest at 6000 feet. What a beautiful day it is! I’ve been working on pulling and killing weeds in the pavers with weed killer and blowing off the droppings of dead frond pieces off of the faux grass in the backyard. It’s been a tough day work-wise but nobody else is gonna do it!