Worse Than The Last Time

I managed 15 miles on the bike today, perfect for riding at 75 degrees and sunshine. I took a different route today that I hadn’t been on but ended up back on the Bonanza Trail. I figured why not just go at least as far as I already have on this trail which took me through this awful tunnel again.

It’s both very sad and disgusting riding through this tunnel. I am amazed that the City of Las Vegas hasn’t cleaned this rubbish up. Some of it is something I didn’t take photos of course. America, the land of opportunity? Of course, the virus could have something to do with this too but it’s so sad.

19 thoughts on “Worse Than The Last Time

  1. John, I agree with everyone who is imploring you to stay clear of this tunnel. There’s a lot going on here that is just below the surface and in some cases, right up on top: poverty, isolation, substance abuse, mental health issues. What’s in their heads is a jumble of very troubled thoughts and years of abuse on every conceivable level. Please keep yourself safe and stay away from this area.

    • Hi Sylvia. Thanks so much for your concern, your so kind! I think that you are the third person to ask me to stay away from this place. I had better listen to my friends! This is a very busy traffic area, the 95 freeway and Summerlin Parkway meet in this area, and there is a six lane road above it. Virtual hug for you my friend.

    • Your thoughts are the same with another blogger here. I felt very uncomfortable taking the time it took to get these photos. I would call the city about this, but who to call? This is a very popular bike trail too. Not a place a family should pass through.

    • I agree, AnneMarie. This is a very corrupt city too, like many others I suppose. There must be shelters somewhere in the city. The summers are brutally hot, they won’t do well even here under the road above.

    • It’s so very sad that people are in this situation, maybe through no fault of their own. The virus may have cost them their job and home, who knows. I don’t recall which road this is, maybe Rainbow Boulevard but it’s very near the Spaghetti Bowl.

  2. It is too bad, John. Every large city has its own Bonanza Trail Tunnel, many have more than one. I’d be staying away from that tunnel. There’s got to be plenty of other safe places to ride.

    • Your town is probably small I’m guessing, that’s terrible that homeless are there. That’s a good idea. I should be blasting through the tunnel…

      • Homeless are everywhere in cities small and large. I would not even blast through that tunnel, I’d stay completely clear. Homeless have attacked joggers/cyclists on a city trail in Indianapolis. It is a shame.

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