A Real Childhood

I am blessed to have been born when I was and to have so many wonderful childhood memories of growing up on a big lake in Michigan. Swimming, boating, skiing, ice skating, and sledding. And more. Of course, cell phones and social media were years in the future which makes me happy! Now, let’s go sailing!

19 thoughts on “A Real Childhood

  1. I feel the same way about my childhood. We didn’t have cell phones or a computer growing up. Instead we spent our summers outside. It’s crazy to think of how much things have changed, and I don’t think it’s for the better.

    • I’m glad that you also had a great childhood, free of technology! It’s never good, have a look at the child obesity rate. Eating junk food and getting no exercise is a recipe for obesity and medical issues.

  2. Indeed, John. Born in 1942 I can identify. I am also relieved that my parenting days are over and I don’t have to struggle with the mobile phone era for children

    • You are 18 years older than I, Derrick. Parents are perhaps pressured into giving a phone to young children who may or may not understand what to do with the technology that can allow them to see thing far beyond their years. Not good!

    • Their imaginations have been captured by technology! How sad that they may never know they joys of being a child and just having fun! We are blessed.

  3. So true, but I embrace the tech of today. It isn’t going to change and for us not to young youngsters, we need to stay in the know. 🙂 I certainly agree that it has changed the growing of up kids. They are/have missed a lot.

    • I like the technology, but not what it has done to so many young folks. They may never experienced riding bikes with their friends all over the area, or building a tree house. Sad…

  4. I have also nice memories of my childhood. There was also swimming, skiing, ice skating, biking and boating. Thank you!

        • Agreed, I passed such an individual on the bike ride today. He had the music up so loud that I could hear it several feet away from him. He could never have heard my little ice cream truck bell going ding ding!

          • When they do that in cities I’m always surprised that they would risk losing their alertness to being mugged or hit by a car, not to mention missing out on the sounds of nature if they’re in a park.

            • I guess it’s an addiction to the technology that supersedes common sense? But common sense left humanity long ago, right…

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