Beautiful Las Vegas

Yes, it’s another photo of the beautiful fountain at Tivoli Village. A beautiful photo under an almost always blue sky, I chose well in staying in Las Vegas. I’m feeling very frustrated this eve because of the constant battle with my blood pressure. I’ve been battling this BS since 2016 and once in a while I just get angry, sometimes it seems like this body is trying to kill me! Almost any food can raise my blood pressure and I’m sick of taking my blood pressure several times per day and heading for the little pharmacy in my bathroom cabinet. If you aren’t dealing with this BS every day, consider yourself blessed! Now, let’s go check that blood pressure again…

36 thoughts on “Beautiful Las Vegas

  1. My meds don’t make me feel sluggish, nor does high BP but when it’s very low from the meds I can feel a little weak.

  2. First of all, beautiful photo. Secondly, I feel your pain with the ticker. It drives me up the wall sometimes

  3. John, I am sorry to hear that you constantly struggle with your blood pressure. Does your blood pressure go down on the days you ride your bike? I think riding a bike helps…

    • I’m not aware of any settings in the site’s back end that would disallow posting links, I’ve done it myself. Sorry about that!

      • That’s ok. I Set mine for just one link. Go to “Settings” where there are a list of stuff. Use the listed under “Discussion”. scroll down the “Discussion Settings” page. It’s almost at the bottom. You can choose ) or multiple links allowed. It may had been set to “0” from the time you set up your blog. I found it my accident.

  4. Did you know: Laughter helps reduce blood pressure.

    So if that made you laugh, try taking your blood pressure now… or, tell me to go bag my head. ;

  5. Beautiful photo, John. Hope you can manage to keep your BP stabile without too much trouble, that does sound frustrating.

    • Thank you! It really is a struggle every day but I have no choice but to continue the battle, Leah. The other choice is let it go which will damage the internal machinery…

  6. Love this fountain. I hope you get your blood settled down. Chronic issues like that are so frustrated. Mine are respiratory issues. Seems I spend half my time trying to breathe. 🤦

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