Mixed Recent Photos

Here are some photos from bike rides, at the wildlife refuge, and driving around town. The flag photo is probably the best one I’ve captured lately. I used a different grayscale filter for the bike photo. The cabin was built in the late 1800s and has no original furniture inside, the cabin was locked.

The little dam is on a man-made pond, part of the water system that comes from a natural spring in the area. There were some ducks enjoying this very fresh water. The snow-capped mountain is called Mummy Mountain, if you look at it long enough you’ll see the resemblance to a body shape.

The traffic light photo was taken atop the bridge passing over the 95 freeway and with a bit of zoom, hence it looks higher than I actually was. I am your tour guide this morning! Las Vegas will reach 79 degrees today and tomorrow according to the most recent forecast, a forecast that I can live with!

6 thoughts on “Mixed Recent Photos

    • Thanks, Bridgette, I find any damn very interesting because of the physics involved. Look at our beautiful Hoover Dam which created Lake Mead. It’s amazing to stand on top and waaay down to the river below.

    • It’s an amazing old cabin, built with discarded railroad ties which still have the original spikes in them! The wood is in fantastic shape for the most part too.

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