Battery and Power Supply

First, the photo of the battery and motor is not mine. That said, these are the main items that power my electric bike. The battery is a 48V type, and the rear hub motor is much more powerful than it looks. Try riding a bike like this and you’ll find out! This is a Class 2 eBike which means that it has a throttle which I love.

6 thoughts on “Battery and Power Supply

  1. It sure looks like a nice outfit. How much time when you are on it do you use the motor vs pedaling? Is it easy to pedal too? Would you say you use it more for exercise or transportation to good photos ops? It is an intriguing device…

    • A very good question! I can speak only for myself in saying that I use the motor and throttle on a sparing level and try to pedal more which saves battery power. Going up hills, I use the motor more. These bikes are heavier than non-powered bikes too. The bike is a great way to find photo ops I’d not see while driving the truck around too. Riding a powered bike is far more enjoyable than a standard bike in my opinion.

  2. Have you had to recharge your battery since you had your bike? If that’s a stupid question, I’m sorry, but I’ve never had an electric bike.

    • That’s not a silly question, Anneli. I recharge the battery after each ride. The more you pedal, the less battery you use. it’s that simple and the company claims up to a 40 mile range but I’ve never used more than two of five bars on the battery on any ride of around 15 miles. This bike is way more fun to ride than a standard bike.

        • The bike may cost more than the appliance, that’s a guess of course but these bikes are not cheap. I can’t say in this space what my bike cost, but I can say that it is near the bottom end of the price range for this brand. Have a look at the website.

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