Where I Grew Up

Memories, years of precious memories are stored in my mind of this beautiful place. I miss those years very much, so many family members have since passed into eternity, they are deeply missed. These not-so-good photos are from 2017 when I chose to not take the Nikon on this trip, a bad idea!

14 thoughts on “Where I Grew Up

    • Thanks so much! If I had had the iPhone 12 I have now, these photos would have been better. I think the cameras are getting better with each new generation. Many of the photos on this site are from my iPhones, but the iPhone 12 is easily the best I’ve had to date.

    • Thank you, Lavinia! I wish it were possible to live those days again, some of the best days of my life… ❤️

        • This lake holds so many wonderful memories, Anneli, I am so grateful for having grown up in this beautiful place! The friends I had here are now all gone (have own lives, not dead) except one who still lives just a few miles northeast of here. My sister now owns the last of two homes my family had on the lake. I lived there while in high school, it’s always a treat to visit her home!

            • I totally agree! When my sister sells the home someday, that will mark the end of around 40 years of our family having property on this beautiful lake. A bit sad!

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