Dead End Mountains

Good morning from the end of my road where you can see some 4000+ mountains in the distance. I took these shots early this morning as the sunrise was shining directly on these little peaks. Not so sunny and 63 degrees are in the forecast for today, not warm enough for my liking!

My truck needs some lovin’ today so it will go to the quarter wash where I can get the tires clean, regular solvents won’t remove the natural discoloration that most tires have as the rubber ages. Only a high-pressure jet of water will clean that crap off.

It’s probably been three months since I’ve had to do this, the rest of the truck stays super clean except for some desert dust on the paint. That’s another thing I love about living here, no road salt, no snow plows except high in the mountains where the snow belongs. Your vehicle stays clean for weeks on end!

4 thoughts on “Dead End Mountains

  1. I could do this 100 times and never get tired of all the variations! I think it’s fun to see different treatments on the same image. Just the process is fun, regardless of what the end product is. I rather like the first one best.

  2. That first image threw me…after you processed it I thought the shadows in the mountains was snow. Then I looked at the others and saw what was going on! 👍😂

    • Thanks, that is just one of five or six effects that are built into this version of the Nikon, the Z50 model. Running it through my HDR app makes it look more different.

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