A March Sunset

Here is last night’s sunset I captured with the Nikon and 18-140mm lens, a colorful end to a sunny day. Partly cloudy and just 54 degrees is a far cry from the 79 Las Vegas had a few days ago. It’s weather flip flop season, Nevada style. Oh, and wind gusts to 45 miles per hour too.

20 thoughts on “A March Sunset

  1. John, I looked at these photos in amazement and thought how beautiful they are with colors that only the sunset can create. We are in 50 and it’s so nice.

    • Thanks very much, Derrick! I don’t seem to catch many good sunsets lately until last eve. I hope that Jackie is feeling better!

  2. Thanks for sharing this magnificent sunset with us, John. Lovely clouds and color, and I always like palm tree silhouettes.

    • Hi Jet, thank you! I looked out the kitchen window and saw some interesting colors, grabbed the Nikon and went outside to capture these. Have a great weekend!

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