I’m A Proud Daddy!

This morning after posting the scorpion photos, I sent them off to my family via text. I received a bunch of replies basically saying EEEWWW! Yeah, so ya wanna live in the desert, aye? My dad called me to ask if my home is sprayed for bugs which it is, roughly every 45 days but that won’t stop all of the nasty vermin.

Chatting with my daughter, she told me of her recent winning streak with her horse! It’s kind of complicated to explain how the circuit works so I won’t even try to explain it. Suffice it to say that she’s a real winner! I love the photo of her on horseback with her husband right next to the horse. You rock, daughter!

21 thoughts on “I’m A Proud Daddy!

  1. That’s neat that your daughter rides both English and Western seats. Most folks choose one or the other. Glad she is successful in both.

    • Thanks so much, Cindy! When she was a little kid, I would take her to her horse riding lessons. She’s over 30 years now and still loves her critters! She has a pet chicken too that lives n the house, LOL! 😂

    • That’s great, Bridgette! You two would become fast friends. ❤️ She’s a sweet gal, her hubby scored big with their marriage! ❤️

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