The Chili King Slow-Cooks Again

There was a tiny bit of the previous pot of chile leftover so I dumped it down that hole where the scorpion was this morning and flushed it. For this pot of chili, I used one can of Pinto beans and two cans of Bush’s spicy chili beans, and one whole white onion.

Also, two cans of Rotel and two cans of diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning. Oh, and a pack of Knorr spicy chili seasoning along with adding Watkins chili powder to the chili directly, and to the ground turkey meat while it was cooking in the pan in coconut oil. And, one small can of tomato sauce with seasonings.

The taste tests with the teaspoon tell me that this slight variation of my own main recipe is delicious, and one that I wish I could share with you! Round about 8PM it will be ready!

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