This Was A Big Surprise!

Imagine my surprise very early this morning when I took a bowl from the sink that had been soaking all night in soap to find this evil creature in the drain! I said aloud, oh my Lord, there’s a scorpion in my kitchen sink!

I haven’t seen anything inside this house for literally weeks including scorpions until this morning when I was still half asleep. It’s a damn good thing that I didn’t happen to put my hand down there.

I grabbed my pliers from the garage toolbox and gave the little bastard an airlift to the pavers outside the garage, dropped it, and gave it the crunch. Damned nasty critters!

38 thoughts on “This Was A Big Surprise!

    • Hi Sylvia, I was lucky the damn thing wasn’t on the side of the bowl or I may have been on the way to the ER for a tetanus shot. It’s fairly rare that they get in the house. Nasty critters!

  1. Whoa!! No, no, no. But… I think I’d rather see an occasional scorpion than rats and mice (imo). I have lived in the southwest (esp. NM and TX) and have encountered these little guys many times, thankfully enough in advance to get the drop on ’em.

  2. Do you have scorpion antidote in the home!!!! How can you live with them, This is so scary!

    • Hi Nia, no. I would head for the ER, there’s a unit in walking distance from my home. Nasty critters!

  3. Yikes!! I guess I should stop complaining about the cold here in Canada because if having a winter means that we don’t have scorpions, I’m okay with that.

    • I don’t like the idea of them in my home, it’s a creppy thing, but the pest control company will be back next week for another spraying. I’ll take dealing with this over what I remember from 50+ years of freezing weather!

    • Very yucky! I am glad that I didn’t put my hand any deeper into the sink! That’s a trip to the ER…

    • Hi Rudi, they can squeeze through very small openings, it obviously found a crack large enough to get it’s ugly self indoors, so gross! 💀

    • I agree, an ugly little devil! There are plenty of wild critters outside that can eat them, yuck, how does the venom not kill them? This one found an opening just large enough to get in, I’ll call the pest company on Monday to come back which I won’t be charged for. YUCK!

  4. Terrifying! Stuff of my nightmares. We don’t get those, thank goodness, but we do get these little house centipedes and each time I see one I scream. I can’t help it. I think it’s like some kind of survival instinct.

    • You may be referring to Ear Wigs, they love dark and cool places. They are common in mICHIGAN, MY HOME STATE YET i HAVE SEEN THEM HERE IN THE DESERT WHICH SEEMS ODD. Do you want to live in the desert, Bridgette? Sorry about the Caps, oops.

      • They aren’t ear wigs, they are house centipedes and they are creepy! Maybe they are a CA thing. And although I am fascinated by the plants and big skies of the desert, the creatures of the southwest seem far too terrifying to me! I can’t imagine having to check my garden shoes for scorpions!

        • Well, like I say to folks, the desert isn’t for everyone from our 100+ degree summer heat to the nasty critters here. There are several species of venomous critters here. Maybe a pest control company can help rid your home of those creepy crawlies!

    • Well… This still isn’t enough to make me want to go back there, Anneli. This is why I tend to pick my shoes up and shake them upside down and look too, that would hurt. It’s also a good idea to have a peek under your bed sheets before crawling in! It’s just part of living here for me, but I doubt everyone looks like that.

    • Thanks, Cindy! I did reach into the sink to pick up the bowl, I’m glad that the scorpion was under the bowl! So nasty… 💀

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