Early Flowers

I noticed my neighbor’s tree has already sprouted fresh flowers which have me wondering if the tree has a faulty clock! It seems a bit too early for that but then this isn’t Michigan and trees and bushes bloom at a different time down here. Anyway, the photos aren’t my best photos but they work, the flowers are a bit anemic looking to me. Partly cloudy and 59 cold degrees are the forecast for Las Vegas today. Too chilly!

32 thoughts on “Early Flowers

  1. Very pretty! Put an extra sweater on 😉 WE are getting highs of 45F this coming week, almost spring now.

    • Hi Maria! I assume that 45 is very warm for you this time of year. That’s all I need is a sweater of a light jacket during winter here unless I’m riding the bike. You better get some skiing in before it’s time to get your bike back out! ❤️🇸🇪

    • Thanks! This tree is beautiful until the flowers fall oof on my sidewalk which means those nasty little plums or whatever they are stain my concrete. I have to wash it off with water and the garage broom!

  2. Where I used to live, there was a flowering crab apple tree just outside the kitchen window. When it bloomed, migrating cedar waxwings would stop by the tree. A mating ritual is where the male passes something to make a nest to eat to the female. In the tree, the ritual involved the passing of flowering crab apple blossom petals. It was really kind of an “Oh, awwww!” moment to witness!

  3. Beautiful flowers! The trees here in CA are all in full bloom and they sky has been ridiculously beautiful with fat puffy clouds. It feels very much like Spring.

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