13 thoughts on “Info Boards At The Fossil Fields

  1. I never have been in fossil fields. I have to google do we have them close where I live.
    Inspiring post, John!

  2. I remember reading a couple of papers detailing some of the work done in the late 1960’s at the Tule beds. What a great site, and glad it is now a protected site. Your photos of the boards are fine.

    • Thank you on those boards! I would love to see the actual sites they excavated. I may not have the health to see (walk to) them but oh well. There is something a bit odd about the desert floor in front of you, it’s not entirely like the other areas with Yucca and Creosote bushes. The colors are a little different.

    • So amazing! I would love to see the full collection of what these people have found since the 1960s when they began excavations in that area. The west coast down here was a shallow sea 200 millions years ago, then the plates collided and raised the mountains which brought these animals to this are 100,000 years ago, so amazing!

        • I hope so, but I suspect that the funds and more may make this difficult, just a guess. It’s great that this huge area is now protected legally. I don’t think that Durango Drive will be paved any further north from this place!

          I was surprised this afternoon though when pulling into the parking area to see a mid-size motor home and a pickup truck with a camper in the bed there looking as though they had been there camping overnight. I am 100% sure that Metro would have told them to hit the road.

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