Mummy Mountain

If you look at this mountain long enough you may see why it’s called Mummy Mountain. See the head and feet? I took this shot while still in the parking area for the fossils hike. The damn powerlines are everywhere around Vegas so I thought why not just include them in the photo? It was so windy and cold (as it is this morning) that I didn’t want to hop out of the truck and walk into a field to get the lines out of the shot. Call me lazy! Partly cloudy, windy and 57 degrees are what Las Vegas gets today, where the hell is my warmer weather?

7 thoughts on “Mummy Mountain

  1. Some people like to garden in their photographs – tidy up all the bits that are ‘in the way’. I like that you showed it like it is. After a couple of seconds looking for ‘mummy’ though, I don’t see her.

  2. Yes, you have to look long enough to see why it’s called Mummy Mountain. At the begging I didn’t see anything and then… A beautiful scenery, John. We are back in winter and tomorrow will be snowing.

    • You do have to look for a few moments, then the head and feet become clearer. The mountain is almost 12,000 feet high. Sorry about your snow, stay warm!

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