Two Worlds

Five of these photos were taken here in Las Vegas, the other five were all taken back home in Michigan. For me, these are two very different worlds. Very different lifestyles both with their own good and bad aspects. Sometimes it’s still difficult for me to stay here in Las Vegas but I do know that I wouldn’t be as happy back in Michigan as I am down here in the desert southwest. Truly, two different worlds in my view. Partly sunny and 61 kind of warm degrees are in store for the valley today, not too bad but I’ll probably not be riding the bike later today since I have a doctor’s appointment later today. Now, what’s for breakfast this morning?

10 thoughts on “Two Worlds

  1. Joh, all moments are great in your collage. I couldn’t take my eyes from photos #6, 7, 8. They are fabulous, unique and very compelling.

      • As far as waterfowl go, they seem to be at the bottom of the “pecking order.” If there were a caste system for ducks, they’d be near the bottom, but they are funny to watch and your pictures of them have been really nice.

        • Aww thanks, Anneli! I like your analogy of these little birds, Coots have the weirdest looking feet! But ducks are so cute and sweet! ❤️

    • Oh I’m fine here by myself. Family is only 3.5 hours away via aircraft! I’ll be back up there in April or May which will be wonderful.

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