Biking Under The Blue Sky

I think that 68 degrees and a beautiful blue sky call for a bike ride after several days off because of the constant windstorms and cold temps. Fifteen miles later I’m back home now with the lunch I picked up along the way from an Argentinan food truck and some banana bread and granola bars at a different tent display.

Delicious, and it all fit nicely in the bike’s bag too. I was there last Wednesday, the guy in the food truck recognised me and called me over. I was looking for the truck too. Delicious! Tomorrow is supposed to be several degrees cooler so I may not get a ride in which sucks.

I’ve been feeling bored the last few days because of not getting those rides in. Again, I must apologise for the redundant photos of Tivoli Village, the distance between the village and my home multiplied by two makes a great ride for me but I need to find new places to ride too…

The first photo is out of focus since the iPhone ran out of focal length. The chair, potted plant, and other stuff inside a rock circle are at the bottom of the Angel Park Detention Basin. What the heck? Why do this, and who did it? A crack-smoking nut job! Welcome to the other Las Vegas that you tourists never see!

18 thoughts on “Biking Under The Blue Sky

    • It is delicious, and I agree, Bridgette, it does look like a grave! Apparently the county employees that look after the basin aren’t around.

    • Thanks! We have 300+ days per year of sunshine, even if it’s a bit cool in winter the sky is still fabulous!

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