Plastic Heart

My cardiologist says that I will live but I will need another blood panel to get the specifics. A few months ago I learned that I actually never had Congestive Heart Failure. That diagnosis was given in 2002 so I believed that I had this disease for too many years which is so ridiculous!

I am actually on the very edge of heart disease which has been a major relief. It’s far too late for me to raise objections with the medical staff back in Michigan of course so, like many things in life, we have no choice but to go on with life. Grateful. I’m glad the doctor didn’t catch me taking these stupid photos!

22 thoughts on “Plastic Heart

  1. So good to hear this, dear John, Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

  2. Congratulations! Good news. I saw my new doctor last night. He was good. But… When he took my blood pressure he said it was a bit high – 140/80. Well D’uh.. my appointment was for 6:10pm. I got in to see him at 7pm. And Dan was waiting outside for me the entire time so he could take me out for supper on his one night out. He had to leave for work at 4:30 this morning. Yea my bp was a little high. 🤦 I felt so bad for Dan. 😢

    • 140 is right on the borderline, do you take BP meds? One Hydralazine would drop it down easily. Or Carvedilol or other meds. I hope your dinner was good!

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