A Beautiful Little Bell

This little cutie was or is my mother’s bell. I swiped it from mom and dad’s some years ago after mum passed on and it’s a treasured piece in my kitchen window. We miss you so much, momma! I’m not going for a bike ride today regardless of the temperature being in the low 70s today. Why? Like so many other people in the States, I am always frustrated with this damned useless time change. Just one hour is enough to throw the human clock off, isn’t it? I feel kinda grumpy today too because of losing that hour! I got the usual six hours of sleep but waking up and seeing the time way off is a bit maddening, isn’t it? How about you?

13 thoughts on “A Beautiful Little Bell

  1. I missed church today due to waking up to late. But, I did watch an online sermon. I also Hate the time change. Just wish we could get one and stick with it, like Arizona does.

    • Yeah, Arizona is so smart! You have to reset devices manually if they aren’t like the cable box or my iPhone. I had to change the stove clock, microwave clock and the truck’s clock…

  2. And I meant to say that the bell is really sweet. It’s important to have these keepsakes from our parents. I have some too and I wouldn’t part with them for the world.

    • I totally agree, and Amen to that! I’m a 61 year old guy who misses his momma so deeply. ❤️🙏🏻

      • On March 2, my mother had been gone for 40 years. She died way too young. But I always miss her and think of her so many times. So I know how you feel about missing your mother. Weren’t we lucky to have mothers that we would miss?!

        • I’m so sorry, Anneli. We have something very special in common, I am so grateful for my mother, her teachings and love over the years. I see her photos in my living room each day, precious memories. 🙏🏻❤️

  3. I didn’t notice it and wasn’t even aware of it until I read Lynette’s post today. That’s the first time I missed it and I didn’t let it make any difference to my day.

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