More Pink Petals

Here are a few more photos of this beautiful tree under the desert sunshine. The tiny bees are happily buzzing around the tree doing their thing. When the petals drop, the tree also begins dropping its gooey, nasty berries that stain the concrete sidewalk which sucks. I have to take some water in a bucket and the stiff-bristle garage broom to get the stains off. It’s a love and hate relationship with this tree but it gives me great photos, right?

19 thoughts on “More Pink Petals

  1. When we had a tree like this in our courtyard I would collect the petals and put them in a large beautiful glass container. They were very pretty. You are so lucky to have this lovely tree surrounding you.

    • I agree! There are some much larger trees in the area that are bloomed out, I need to stop and get the photos!

    • Hi Rebecca, thank you! I hope haven’t had any booming T storms again. Your dog gets so scared! πŸ₯Ί

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