Bike Path Bridge Crossing Lake Mead Boulevard

On this sunny and warm day, I added thirteen more miles to the bike, a great ride. I didn’t include the loop to Tivoli Village today, rather, I took the Bonanza trail to the Lone Mountain trail.

It’s nice to ride during the weekdays because there are not as many people on the trails which allows me to scoot along at fifteen to eighteen miles per hour, plenty fast enough for any bicycle.

These are the first five of ten iPhone photos I took along the way, five more coming up later. And speaking honestly, that helmet strap squishes my face enough to make me look fatter than I am, LOL! 😂

9 thoughts on “Bike Path Bridge Crossing Lake Mead Boulevard

  1. It’s great to take advantage of the warm weather and spend time outdoors, especially on the weekdays when it’s not crowded. Love the pictures of the bridge. It’s always nice to see the face behind the words!

    • Thanks, I should post more face pics I guess, but I look better sans the helmet! Bridges always fascinate me, it’s the physics involved.

  2. Oh… the photos remind me again of those “are you a robot” security step for some websites. You should find out where you can send some of these photos for that purpose. 😉 kidding. They’re great pics. Some people have the gift of taking great photos. Love these bridge pics.

    • Thank you! You are so kind. The iPhone 12 takes some very good photos, not as good as the Nikon though!

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