Cuttin’ Wood In The Wood

From 2019 back home in Michigan, this very tall oak tree was blown over in a recent storm so my friend was hard at it getting the tree cut up. Someone is going to have some great firewood! The swirl inside the tree is pretty cool looking too. Partly sunny and 71 degrees are the forecast for today, not too bad but tomorrow should see 77 degrees which are so nice in March isn’t it! I hope it’s warm where you are today.

9 thoughts on “Cuttin’ Wood In The Wood

      • It almost looks like at some point in time the tree suffered a wound in that area. Fungi entered, and the heartwood rotted while the tree slowly closed over the wound, as they normally do. They can go on for decades like that, and then a windstorm or something else causes them to topple.

    • I’ll bet that you are correct, Anneli. The tree looks healthy on the outside but it’s guts are rotting.

  1. John, it’s a hard job to cut the trees like this one. It’s sad when some trees don’t survive the storms.

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