The Homeless Sleeper

I took the photo of the homeless man sleeping yesterday along the Lone Mountain Trail. He’s still there today, apparently, still, sound asleep. My passing by did not roust him at all which has me wondering if he’s alive! So very sad. I did 14 miles today and increased the deep color of my farmer’s tan!

11 thoughts on “The Homeless Sleeper

  1. I watched a show on the lesser known side of Las Vegas last week, so many homeless, so sad to see. Governments are failing the most vulnerable in society, it’s happening here too 🙁

    • It’s so sad, Tone. I try to show the “other” side of Vegas on this blog. A trip to the Strip is extremely rare for me. There is so much corruption in Sin City…

      • On a side note, we watched “Ocean’s 13” the other night. It seems incredible that there could be so much wealth, yet so much desperation and poverty literally meters away. There’s clearly something wrong with human society.

    • I don’t know, kind of scary isn’t it? This is the Lone Mountain trail where it crosses Cheyenne.

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