The Pharmacy

Evert Tuesday morning I have to refill my pill bins with the pharmacy stored in my cabinet. It’s a pain in the arse to do but must be done. I am only 61 years young but seem to take the same amount of pills per day (just a guess) as someone ten or fifteen years older than me.

I don’t like having to do this but the alternatives are far worse! I’ve masked the bottles for my protection, haha. Sunshine and 77 degrees are on deck for the valley today which sounds lovely!

10 thoughts on “The Pharmacy

    • Yikes is right! I pay too much monthly for my insurance but have no problem getting the meds and office visits.

  1. John, do you really have to take all this pills? Some are probably very important but others…
    I am not a doctor but I believe that our diets and exercise matter. You are riding a bike often and that is great exercise but what about diet? Just thoughts…

    • Well, I don’t eat junk food and make my own food at home in some ways, but the diet could be better! I don’t have a wife or girlfriend, should find a dietician again. That won’t take away the diabetes of chronic high blood pressure though.

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