A Photo Assortment

Good morning, friends! This morning, I put together an assortment of old photos for you. Pepper the German Shepard passed last year due to complications with her spine. She was a sweet baby who could make your chest rumble when she barked. And, dad’s favorite dog.

The RJ, or regional jet is on approach to our McCarran International Airport, this photo hangs on my wall too! The barn is one of five barns, this place was once a thoroughbred horse farm. Mr. Cowboy resides on Fremont Street north of the Vegas Strip and is a great venue for live music and more.

And, the grayscale Joshua Tree is somewhere west of the city a few miles.  That’s the story behind the images which is not something I normally do but perhaps should. Partly sunny and 68 degrees are on tap for Las Vegas today, returning to the 70s tomorrow. Happy Thursday!

13 thoughts on “A Photo Assortment

      • I hear you, John. 💞. We went to Mom and Dad’s town last summer. It is a very unique place so it was still special but definitely bittersweet.

        • I fully understand the bittersweet. I usually visit my mother at the cemetary when in Michigan at my hometown. So sad.

          • That is what we went to Gravelbourg for – to bring flowers and check general conditions of their sight. I was so happy to see that the entire graveyard was being very well maintained.

    • Yes! The calm before the heat storm you could say, Anneli. Next moth, the heat will probably begin to build up. 🔥🌞🌴

  1. John, I always like to look at your old photos, they are like little glimpses into your life. Pepper the German Shepard was a wonderful dog! Thank you for sharing your stories.

    • You are so welcome, Kaya! I need to start adding the back story to my photos. Dad still has one dog you may have seen on the blog, she’s Blondie. So sweet!

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