I Got Popped!

Sitting on the couch watching the tube this afternoon, I heard an odd sound, certainly not one of the regular sounds the house makes. I got up and looked around and even checked outside through the living room window. What the heck?

I happened to glance down at the bike and noticed that the rear tire didn’t look quite right. I gave it a squeeze and sure enough, it was flat! Dammit! Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow? I wonder how much it will set me back to replace the tire and the labor cost? I’ll let you know if you are interested. I’ll give the shop a call now…

19 thoughts on “I Got Popped!

  1. That sucks eh? that happened last year to my husband’s bike, we had just got to our campsite and he noticed his tire was dead, it was over an hour’s drive to the nearest place to get it fixed, actually he had to buy a new tire. Good Luck with yours!

  2. Wow, I’m glad your son got out of a bad marriage. I don’t think much of the marriage thing these days, all it has done is cost me a major amount of money and the loss of homes and cars and so on… It’s not worth it. That piece of paper will ruin your life. I hope your son and daughter will be with you again in the future, how painful. 🥺

    • Thanks, Derrick, It’s being repaired this Sunday. I don’t mind a few days off from riding, my bum will thank me haha!

    • Hi Rudi, the weird thing is that I heard the big popping sound but thought it was a rock being flung out from the tire which happens fairly often. I completed the 14 mile ride unaware of this until I was at home and heard the tire finally deflate all the way! I keep the bike in the house… I was so lucky!

    • I stopped riding the portion of that trail that goes through the nasty tunnel. So many of my lovely followers strongly suggested that I stop that so I took their good advice. Besides, there is an alternative trail that runs back north anyway so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ll probably post the numbers on the repair later on Sunday. Meanwhile, I took the battery off of the bike to reduce it’s weight when trying to stuff it into the truck bed. 😂👍🏻

        • Thanks, me too. The shop looks like it has the tire in stock, I’ve seen where they are stored. I came upon the same guy today in a certain place on the trail I’ve passed three times lately, I stopped and asked him today if he was hungry and if he was OK.

          He said yeah, but that he needs to get himself together, I hope hes does. I said nothing to that then offered him an oat bar and ten bucks. The man was grateful, I told him God Bless and that I hope he gets it together in so many words… There’s way too much hurt on Planet Earth…

            • Agreed, I wonder if he has any family left? Or, someone that will take him in and help him. 🙏🏻❤️

                • You are right of course. Family ties may have been broken to the point that there’s no chance of that but how sad! I hope his situation improves.

                  • It is sad but sometimes people have to be left to travel their own path for a while. There were a few years when we did not see my son Dan. (He was in a horrid marriage and just had to find his own way out). Now he is in a solid marriage, his beautiful daughter from his first marriage lives with them as well as his stepson and his new son. They are an amazing family and we are close to all of them (although they live some distance away). If we had never given Dan the space he needed, we may have just aggravated the situation and he may never have found his way out. Now we are estranged from my other son and my daughter. It sucks horribly but I honestly believe that it is just something that has to happen sometimes. And I trust that ultimately they will get their issues sorted out. I know they are strong enough to do it.

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