I’m Old School

I’m old school. My parents taught my sister and me to respect others and always be helpful too just like the image suggests. America seriously needs to return to this way of thinking and conducting ourselves when in public. I always enjoy helping people, do you?

Yesterday when walking out of the bank, I passed a car in the handicap spot that was obviously leaking air quickly from its left rear tire. I went to the driver’s door and got the elderly woman’s attention. I explained why I was bothering her, she hopped out of the car and clearly heard the tire hissing.

I suggested that she head for a tire store or garage that can help her. She headed out very quickly for a repair garage. She was very grateful for my letting her know and left quickly. That’s one way you can be helpful and nice to others. America is still full of good people (not patting me on the back here).

You sometimes have to look a little deeper to see or find them. Now, go do something nice for others today!

21 thoughts on “I’m Old School

  1. Despite all the craziness in the world, it’s good to know that there are still amazing people out there who are willing to help a total stranger. I’m a firm believer in paying it forward πŸ™‚

  2. Upon my very first visit to the UK, I boarded a train in London, and was met by a sea of poker faces. At the next tube station, and elderly lady entered and a gent got up, to offer her the very seat he had just sat down on. I commended his British gallantry, to which he responded with a familiar accent. “Oh, it’s because I’m from South Carolina,” he said, smilingly.

  3. I try to step up and help people when I can and I taught my kids to do likewise. I know they still do and my grandkids are particularly charming in that regard. But man, there are SO many people in this province who seem to be totally clueless in this regard. The free world is stepping up to support Ukraine in their struggle with Russia and here…. We are having another convoy of idiots today to protest the high cost of gasoline (due to shortages and government sanctions of Russian oil/gas). Nothing like wasting gas in stupid convoys to protest the shortage of gas. OMG!

    • Wow, that is pretty darn dumb to drive around protesting fuel prices, and they will probably achieve nothing. Your children sound like good people, way to go AnneMarie! Gladly, I am mostly a homebody and use very little fuel in my 2015 pickup truck with it’s 4.3 litre V6 engine. It’s not so good on gas milage!

  4. Funnily enough, my grandfather always told me that, when walking along the pavement (sidewalk) with a woman, the man should always be on the outside (nearest the road). This because, in the old days, if a horse drawn carriage went by, then woman would not get splashed if there was a puddle close to the pavement (sidewalk). I have been afflicted by this rule for all my life. And, even in these days of equality, I would always hold a door open for a woman. I guess I must be old school.

    • That’s so nice that you keep yourself between the road and your lady, I did too when I had one. I always hold the door for any woman, Chivalry isn’t dead!!

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