Bikers, Blooms and Critters

Here is the next photo set from this morning, the bike in the foreground was extremely loud which I absolutely love! The bird is called a Mountain Bluebird if I recall correctly. Its call is like three screeches in a row, there were three of them flitting from bush to bush as the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels scurried about below. People were tossing bits of bread for them which made me cringe a bit inside. As with birds, bread has zero nutritional value for them.

15 thoughts on “Bikers, Blooms and Critters

    • Okay, thanks Anneli! That makes sense because the bird was flying among the low-growing scrub bushes. Doink.

  1. What a great morning you had, John! And very adventurous! The bird is beautiful and I have never seen it before. Love a squirrel and don’t understand why people are feeding them bread.
    Great morning show!

  2. That’s a pretty bird. Looks like a type of jay. Do you know what it is? We don’t have them around here. Not that type.
    And I agree about feeding them bread!

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