Joshua Trees Beginning To Bloom

I took a nice ride out of the city today on the hunt for blooming desert wildflowers but found none, but I did see that the Joshua trees are beginning their bloom. Soon, there will be large pods or seed pods, that’s a guess. In any case, they are fascinating to see and photograph which means another trip out there pretty soon.

Sunshine and mid-70s out there, the perfect day for photography.

I also had a nice chat with two guys that rode in on their street bikes. Plenty of guy subjects were discussed along with memories of the good old days when we were weekend warriors and long-haired leaping gnomes flying through the air, a bottle Jack in one hand, a doobie in the other.

Ahhh yes, the 1980s were purely fabulous. Can we go back to those days, please? I’m still 21 years young in my head, but the body says oh hell no, you ain’t doing that, boy!

23 thoughts on “Joshua Trees Beginning To Bloom

    • Thank you, Linda! Yep, every spring, and this tree which is actually a form of Yucca, can live up to 700 years!

    • That’s so good that you enjoyed your high school years! I didn’t and was bullied in the elementary years. In high school, I stole the girlfriend of one of the jerks who bullied me in elementary school. Haha! 🤣

    • Hi K, it will be repaired Sunday morning at the bike shop I purchased the bike from. The mechanic there is super knowledgeable on these eBikes. No rides until Monday or Tuesday I guess which is fine. I have all summer to ride in the scorching heat! 😂🔥🌴

      • I popped many a tire in Munich. Hoping for a bit of better luck here. Picked my two up from school on what they are now calling the “horse.” Just warming up enough for real rides. Hope you can find cooler times to keep exploring. Love all the biking find photos.

  1. John, I have never seen the Joshua tree and how it’s blooming. It’s incredibly beautiful in boom and I like very much your photos. You had a very interesting biking, a nice chat with other bikers and brought home nice photos. I sometimes want to go back in time also.

    • The old days were for the most part pretty good for me, 1980s here I come haha! Thanks again my friend, and I drove the truck out there, don’t own a motorcycle but have years and years of biking under my belt. My bicycle has a rear tire blowout at the moment which will be repaired Sunday morning at the shop I purchased the bike from. The mechanic guy there is very knowledgeable and friendly. I’m sure that it won’t be a cheap repair, but It’s worth every penny for the fun, exercise and enjoyment of the ride.

      • John, the year 1980 also was one of the best years for me 🙂 No matter how much the repair of bike will cost, you need your loyal “friend” in a good shape.

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