A Ride to Nevada Brew Works

I’ve been following these guys for a while now on Instagram and thought I’d have a ride down there. It’s a bit of a ride too since it’s just off of the Vegas Strip near the Stratosphere Tower. It’s run by a husband and wife team, I did find the husband and had a nice chat with him.

If you are familiar with the Bar Rescue show on the Paramount Network, Jon Taffer who does the show did a show recently at this location. I have to believe that they took Jon’s advice because the place is packed with patrons and the beers on tap were flowing!

It’s nicely decorated, I did buy a T-shirt with their logo on it and a Western BBQ burger which I brought home to eat later. Jon Taffer lives here in Las Vegas as do many TV personalities and other stars.

12 thoughts on “A Ride to Nevada Brew Works

    • I didn’t see this one but they said it was an experience! I saw the new one last night and was kind of bored with the episode, it didn’t seem to have the same spark. Maybe it’s just me.

    • Thanks, this area is nothing like the Strip a mile or so south of here with the huge, glitzy venues. There are lots of small business run in this area, they offer tattoos, clothing, and music stores among others. Then the brewery and it’s very foody neighbors, the area smells so good! And thanks, I’m glad you like my mountain and desert photos! ❤️

    • Thanks, Shelley, it was fun. And delicious! I would never have a beer or wine, not because they aren’t good but because of my own policy which is to never drink anywhere but at home. Nobody gets hurt or worse!

    • I think the owner said the silo has 25,000 pounds of grain. Indoors, you can see all of the shiny tanks they use for making their beers, the tank room is so clean and spiffy!

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