Blowout Repaired

The bike’s rear tire is fully repaired and ready to ride! Unfortunately, the current windstorm is going to last until 8 PM tomorrow night which means it’s going to be at least a 2-day storm this time instead of three. I just don’t dig riding in strong winds and having to bundle up to avoid the wind chill factor.

I grabbed some nice landscape photos along the way but they aren’t as good as the Nikon can do. I would love to have a bike stand like they have at the shop to raise and lower the bike, but they are a bit too large and rather expensive too. The bike had all of its components adjusted including the brakes and a check on the brake pads.

I asked how long the brake pads should last, the tech said about 1200 miles, depending on how you use the brakes. This is the same thing as car brakes but very much simplified. My brake pads are about three-quarters through their service life with 800 miles now on the bike.

I told the guy what I heard when the tire popped and that I was able to complete a 14-mile ride and made it home before the tire fully deflated. He was amazed that I got to 800 miles before blowing a tire. Apparently, most people have a blowout well before my 800 miles! Why do they blow so easily?

The tire itself isn’t very thick which of course makes them more easily popped. To compensate, I had the tech put a liner (not sure of the actual name) inside the tire that goes between the tire and tube. This makes it much more difficult for things like glass to penetrate the tire and tube.

I told him what I found stuck in the tire and didn’t believe that it could have blown the tube out. He said oh yes it can! All it was was a very tiny thorn-like piece you see on a rose bush. Really?! That’s ridiculous, hence the liners were installed. So, that’s my Sunday fun day and excitement!

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    • Thanks, the liner should be installed when the bike is being built at the factory. It’s common sense to me, but common sense isn’t common these days.

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