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  1. Great image. I can’t help wondering if we’re beginning to see the end of petrol and diesel vehicles. My son has just bought a Tesla. I’m afraid I’m still pumping carbon into the atmosphere. The problem we face in the UK (I’m told) is not enough charging points and people now suffer from a new phenomena – range anxiety (as if we haven’t got enough to worry about!)

    • I hope not, Richard, I’m very fond of my petrol burning V6 engine in my full size pickup truck! My sister and dad own electric cars, they are too expensive for me. I rarely see charging stations here but never look for them. I saw a video of a guy with an electric car that carried a small petrol powered generator to charge his electric car up. That right there is why I despise electric cars, not that they are all bad of course.

  2. What make and model of convertible is that? Reminds me of my ’89 turbo charged Sunbird – except mine didn’t have the age on it at the time. 🙄

    • Did you notice the rust around that right rear wheel well? Welcome to the Rust Belt! There are plenty of big 4 door cars down here and plenty of old cars and trucks from decades gone by that are rust-free and beautiful! Kind of like my 7 year old truck that’s in near mint condition considering it’s age.

    • Thanks, I guess those are pre-pandemic prices! A very different lifestyle than here in Vegas. I do miss the much slower pace of life up there, and riding a snowmobile…

  3. Nr. 1 wins again! I like how the shadows take on an other-worldly, ghostly quality. In the others, the shadows are too prominent or are just prominent, and the scenes become ordinary.

    • Thank you for your thoughts on these, Doug! There are three different types of processing in the photos using the Aurora HDR app and the Photoscape X app too.

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