Bridge View

Today’s ride was really nice with the temperature in the low 70s and plenty of sunshine. Something a bit odd happened though, the bike hasn’t been on the road since the rear tire blowout was repaired, the battery life has been shortened by one bar in the 15 miles I rode today.

I suspect that this is because the tire pressures were set down to 18 pounds PSI instead of the 30 PSI in the rear, and 25 in the front I was using. Less air pressure equals more friction between the road and the tires, hence more battery consumption. And, I was pedaling as I always do to assist the battery life.

The tires are rated for 30 PSI but the tech dude said they should be set lower to help avoid another blowout. I’m not a small guy and weigh 225 pounds hence the higher pressure I was using. I wonder if the other bikes made by Pedego with skinny tires are prone to blow too…

Anyway, these are some goofy photos taken atop two different bridges. I just put the phone right on the fencing and shot through the hole. Pretty darn awesome, eh! 😂

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    • Thank you, AnneMarie! That company has locations everywhere in the valley. New ones are still popping up too, they do have a fabulous selection of wines and beer. I never touch liquor, bad memories. Sadly, the the father was killed in a car crash last year so I assume the son took over. They were always on the big billboards around town together.

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